Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Curry Top

I had a small curry-based accident with a plain brown top I owned (see previous post!) and it ended up with some grease spots on it that just wouldn't come out. So, inspired by some other posts on Wardrobe Refashion (most notably the ones using the Alabama Stitch Book pattern) I decided to try out some reverse applique...

Here is the top with my design (plus visible grease stains...) with the new fabric inside being basted on.


Then I got busy with the scissors - a bit too busy in some places where I accidentally cut bits I didn't mean to. I had trouble folding the fabric under though, so instead I folded it outwards and sewed the edges roughly to give it a sort of leafy look. I know it doesn't look it but the thread is the same colour as the top... Also, the fabric underneath is shiny so it looks brighter than it actually is. It's really a darkish maroon.


And here it is, modelled in Staff House Bar (recognise the quality 'art'?), rescued from certain doom. I hope I don't spill anything else down it, there's only so many holes I can cut...


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Last minute sewathon

I've realised that there's only 10 days left to my 6-month Wardrobe Refashion challenge and I've hardly made anything! So, I'm currently doing a last minute mad dash to get some things made and posted.

1. I've started a skirt which I completely made up the pattern to, but I've had to stop without an appropriate zip fastening,

2. I've got half way through a shirred dress, but it's so tedious as my machine won't do it properly and it's looking a trifle dodgy as I didn't have quite enough material,

3. I've also started hacking up a t-shirt that had a few grease spots on from an ill-advised curry - going pretty well but slow going...

I might make an attempt this weekend to blitz it. What else are Bank holidays for? (Apart from drinking and relaxing and watching terrible films).


Friday, 15 August 2008

Fame at Last!

Well after 31 years I have finally found fame in the pages of the Birmingham Post. A reporter recently attended the monthly Stitches and Hos night at the Hare and Hounds and I got interviewed as the "Rebel Crocheter". Well the article has now appeared and not only am I famous, but I've been given a promotion! Now if only I could get one in real life...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Experiments in felting

I have recently acquired a felting needle and have been itching to try it out, but I lack the incentive, money, or stash space to buy fibres. So, I decided to try a little experimentation...

I had quite a lot of trimmings from the fringing of Project Alison and so I thought waste not want not! I had doubts though, as I wasn't sure that acrylic yarns would felt given that they don't in the washing machine.

I acquired these tiny brushes from a haberdashery stall a little while ago with absolutely no idea what they were actually for, but I thought they might do as mini-carders...

...and they seemed to do the trick as regards fluff creation! I was surprised how much the colour lightened in the process.

So, I set to with the needle, poked myself in the legs a few times (due to lack of sponge) but ended up with a fairly cool one-inch felted ball that I now have absolutely no idea what to do with!

Project Alison

Just a quick post to say that Project Alison is now finished after a couple of weeks of trauma and tedium. Despite all this I'm pretty pleased with the outcome and I think she models it beautifully!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Who am I again?

I get annoyed by online quizzes but yet find them strangely compelling. I'm not being duped into believing the outcomes (I have at least read about the Forer Effect): instead this is mostly to do with a strong desire for work avoidance than any belief in the results. According to the most recent quizzes I have done I am:

  • Light pink (what colour?)
  • 34% geek
  • 62% intelligent
  • 58% normal
  • Flinders Petrie (Which archaeological theorist?)
  • Ando Masahashi (Which Hero?)
  • Bettie Page (Which 1950s pin-up girl?)
  • The Japanese Empire (Which Empire?)
  • Elizabeth Bennet (Which Jane Austen heroine?)
  • Apollo (Which Greek God?)

I'm not sure exactly what all this says about me other than my great desire for procrastination. I'm already painfully aware of my faults, and so I doubt knowing which Dictator I'm most like will give me any more insight into my personality. I may still give it a go tomorrow though ;o)