Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Concrete Jungle

This year I've been attempting to do a better job than I've previously managed in producing edible goods. With a tiny concrete yard this is problematic, but armed with a magical self watering thing kindly given to me for my birthday last year, I seem to be doing okay-ish.

At the side I've got a rogue tomato plant I started growing indoors, but had to put outwhen I buggered off on holidays. It went a bit mad and I'mhaving to support it on our broken washing line. Look - it even has some actual tomatoes, which is a great improvement on my fruit-light-foliage-rich effort from last year!

The tomato plants at the back are just mental. They keep collapsing under their own weight and I've had to rig up a ridiculous string support system. Same goes for the runner beans, which are actually starting to be real beans. Not sure I'll have enough to make this fabulous stuff though.

I thought I'd try something different alongside the standards, so I planted some patty pan squash, which are HUGE and starting to flower.

I also found some potatoes trying to become a new lifeform in the back of my kitchen cupboard so decided to plant them. It's a bit late in the season, but I've already hilled them a bit and they seem to be doing okay.

Meanwhile, indoors, my chili and pepper plants are going for it. The chili is nearly three feet tall. Here's hoping for spicy goodness.

A day in the life...

Yesterday I took part in the Day of Archaeology. This was a great project and I've really enjoyed reading the posts. It was also nice that folks I've met at various points in my life: Rome, Canada, etc, turned up as contributors.

In case anyone wants to hear about the sorts of things I get up to of a day, my post is here.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Things I have learned in the last six months

I have learned that bin liners are waterproof but not breathable, and that Northern Jutland is very windy indeed.

I have learned that I have an unhealthy love of Ukrainian disco pop.

I have learned that, if I were a character in a zombie movie, I would be the one that so nearly made it, but died tragically just metres from safety.

I have learned that a magical world of labyrinthine wonder exists in North Yorkshire.

I have learned how the Asturians pour their cider: po-faced and from a great height.

And, finally, I have learned that I can get vertigo whilst sitting in the gods at the theatre whilst watching Dylan Moran, but not whilst standing on a roof.