Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Best Wooing Strategy in the World

I've been tagged by Rosie to talk about the thing that never fails to make me laugh. I'm fairly easy to amuse, but the one thing that will never fail to make me giggle like a loon, even when I'm in a bad mood, is my other half.

We spent a lot of time in the pub when we were getting to know each other. I didn't realise I fancied him at the time, but we'd always end up sitting and chatting together. His extremely subtle courting strategy was to absolutely crack me up using only his glasses as a vehicle for comedy.

Being extraordinarily long-sighted his glasses have the ability to make his eyes enormous. This was, and still is, extremely funny to me (it's all in the delivery), but what I hadn't thought about before was the psychology of this: big eyes = baby animals = sweet. Damn! I feel like I've been subtly manipulated somehow.