Friday, 5 June 2009


Since coming to St John's I have seemingly grown exponentially. I don't know whether it's the weather or just getting older, but the fact remains that I am many pounds heavier than when I arrived.

So, given my previous success with it, I've decided to go back on Weight Watchers. I'm not going to meetings, just trying to count points. As I gave away my previous points-finding gadgets (i.e the cardboard thingumy) I looked online to find widgets to work out what it is I'm actually eating and I thought I'd share...

The formula is seemingly protected by patent but is also publicly available on several websites, and so I've linked to the image on the website:


p = Points; c = Calories; f = grammes of fat; and r = grammes of Dietary fibre

For the rest of the world, this translates into the following excel formula:

2(enter)(enter)(enter)= (A2/50)+(B2/12)-(IF(C2>4,4/5,C2/5))

Just plonk in the numbers on the side of the packet and Bob's your Uncle.

Hope this may come in useful for some of you, not that I'm suggesting you need to, of course!

*PS the big gap i
s accidental, not enigmatic, and purely down to poor HTML skills. What can I say, the preview doesn't do it!